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First Harvest of 2015!
Colette and I headed to the kiwi field last week to harvest
the first of our kiwi crop.  The weather was perfect - sunny
and with no wind.  We picked around 120 kgs and they will be
making their way to our loyal customers.

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Kiwis ready to go for harvest
Kiwis have been growing safe and sound all through the
heat in summer and typhoons in autumn.

Now they have enough starch inside which turns into sugar
 after a certain period of storing.

See you after the harvest!

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Kiwi babies 2015
The rainy season is over in our region and our kiwi
babies are growing well under the sun.

See you in the winter,babies!

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Hello from Kiwi 2015
Due to the unexpected and severe cold temperatue in late March,
Mother Nature seemed to set her alarm clock to a later timing.

However, even after this late wake up call, the plants adjusted
accordingly to the proper timing.

Good morning, kiwi plants!

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Kiwi harvest 2014

Yesterday Rhianna and I harvested the small size kiwifruit in our field.
We started at 11 am under a beautiful blue sky.  Yesterday's total was
200 kilos and I will harvest the remaining large size fruit tomorrow.
Great job, farmer Rhianna!


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2014 Kiwi fruit update
This year, the TV news has been detailing the disastrous damage
caused by heavy rain especially in the western part of Japan.

The area where I grow kiwifruit also sustained some damage but the
degree was totally negligible comparing to those areas in western Japan.

In the area abandoned for some years, the wind-proofing trees grew
much higher than the preferable height. This caused a lack of sunshine
in some part of my field but at the same time, the giant trees worked
as perfect wind and water-retaining elements.

This potentially positive/negative dilemma seems to have been positive
for the kiwifruit trees. Or could it be that the kiwifruit trees are naturally
prepared for possible disasters?
Anyway, they are growing fine and I feel very helpless against nature's

Hope these babies are fine until the harvest in November. See you soon! 


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Our Rhubarb: from allotment to chefs kitchens
This year, we have been offered an opportunity to supply our rhubarb to
a couple of restaurants in this area.  We really thank all our friends
who help to promote our rhubarb.

Today we delivered a shipment of rhubarb to a professional chef
who runs an Italian cafe near our house.

Please let us take this opportunity to re-introduce our rhubarb
via these photographs. You can see both the actual size of the 
rhubarb plants and the edible part (stem).

The leaves of rhubarb are well known for their toxic properties
and several factors (ex: it contains oxalic) contribute to their toxicity.
For more details regarding toxicity, please refer to the food safety
information from the Food Safety Commision of Japan(食品安全委員会)
as below.

We sincerely hope you enjoy our rhubarb!


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Kiwi babies doing well
The rainy season is continuing but our baby kiwis are growing well.

At the moment I am clearing up another kiwi field which has been
untouched for three years.  Progress report to follow at a later date
- watch this space!

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The Kiwi Babies of 2014
It has been hot and sunny these days and these weather conditions are a
perfect wake-up call for the kiwi buds.

With help from my daughter, we have almost finished the pollination
process for this year. I am glad that we could make it before the
rainy season starts.

Looking forward to seeing our new babies soon.
Love to friends on the other side of the world as well.........

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Here's to 2014!
December 21st saw Colette and myself at Kami Ichi market,
a craft/farmer's market event held in Odawara. This was my
second time to sell our kiwi fruit here and it was certainly a lot
colder than in November.
Still, we sold quite a lot of fruit, met and talked with a lot of interesting
people (thank you to M and G for making the trek from Yugawara to see
us!) and had a great day.
Thank you to everyone who supported us through 2013.  Here's to a
peaceful, prosperous and healthy 2014 for everyone, wherever you
are.  Happy New Year!!

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