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Tea by the Sea from Japan

Tea, Veggies and Gardening from Japan
A Day Out in London

Anya and Colette took a trip to London for the day yesterday.

Anya has never really seen any part of the city and had expressed
an interest in seeing the Tower of London. 
So they spent yesteday morning at the Tower and Anya really enjoyed
seeing the Crown Jewels and various points around the Tower. 

No trip to London would be complete without a trip to the Tokyo Diner
and the girls enjoyed an early dinner here.

Before they took the train back to Arlesey they visited Postman's Park
near St. Paul's Cathedral.  This tiny oasis is a jewel in the non-stop
hustle and bustle of London and Anya made a cute new friend there.


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Speed Camera Volunteer Duty

Father-in-law Karl is a speed camera volunteer in the village.
This involves a number of volunteers manning a machine with
a sensor that indicates the speed at which a driver is travelling. 

If the 30 m/ph limit is exceeded by 5 kms or over a letter is sent
to the driver informing them they were recorded in X location at
X time on X date travelling at X m/ph. 

There is no penalty but hopefully the driver will be more careful
on their next journey.

Colette and Anya were assistant volunteers today and 13 drivers
were recorded as travelling over the limit. 

Safe driving please, everyone!



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Bon voyage!
Colette and Anya will stay in the UK during the summer holidays.
Have a nice flight and enjoy the summer time with the UK family!


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Home-made sausages flavoured with sage

I have been tackling the herb-knowledge exam for the NPO's
official certification.

One of the assignments is to create something home-made using
 "common sage" (dry/ fresh) herb materials.

I decided on "making home-made sausages with dry sage"  together with Rhianna.

I obtained home-made sausage tools via an online shop and bought fresh
pork from a butcher in Manazuru.  Initially, Rhianna was shocked to find
out that she would be using baa-baa intestine for the sausage casing
but today she soon got used to handling it.

With lots of mistakes and lots of fun on the way, we  finally completed
the sausage challenge. There is a lemon tree in our garden and its flowers
are about in full bloom.
We all enjoyed the sage-tinted sausage with lemon.

Please wish me luck with the herb exam!


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Orange Marathon 2013
Readers of our blog may remember that Colette and Anya ran the Yugawara Orange Marathon last year. This year was Colette and Rhianna. They ran the 5km course and Rhianna's time was 29:56. Colette was aiming to run 30 minutes or under but couldn't quite manage it. Her final time was 31:32. They said they'll both try again next year. Just do it, girls!

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Graduation day
I finished the one-year herb class today. The girls also brought
their school reports home too.

I felt like I had become a Jr. high school student again.
Thank you all very much!

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Pomander on the way
I am looking back to the herb class in February- pomander making.

Materials : Navel Orange, Lemon, clove chips and Cinnamon powder

Make a hole, put cloves into the skin of the fruit and cover with cinnamon powder.
A very simple process but resulting in this amazing 100% dried ball
with a relaxing fragrance.

The photo below shows the fruit above after 1 month.

I wonder who first came up with the idea of covering fruit with cloves
to create this ball of fragrance........
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Cosmetics, Skin-care and Herbs

The first lesson of the 2013 herb course was about something that
I have never cared about before. We experienced skin cleansing steam
and made a herb mix for bath salts. Plus, I made a skin pack paste
using kaolin clay for my family - not for me.

1. Herb mix for skin cleansing steam

We blended the below herbs and put this mix into a bowl of hot water.
Using a bath towl as a cover, this mini-sized suana makes a perfect
refreshing skin conditioner.

- Marigold
- Lavender
- German chamomile
- Linden
- Rose


2. Bath salts powder

In addition to natural salt, we added the below herb oil.

- Lavender
- Rose geranium
- Sandalwood
- Clary sage

3. Facial skin pack

Sorry, no photos for this one. I will study more for the next challenge.

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Flower mixes for scenting Summer days
We are having very long and hot Summer with little rain this year.

On this precious rainy Sunday, I had a chance to make a potpourri
in the herb class. Our instructor explained below flowers, spices and oil
prepared for the traditional Victorian Rose recipe.

- Rose buds and petals
- Lavender
- Lemon Verbena
- Marigold
- Cinnamon
- Allspice
- Cloves
- Orris root(Iris Pallida)
- Rose/ lavender oil

Below are samples of herbal crafts and my goals is to make
the "Hampty Totoro".

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Summer veggies in the UK garden
 Anya loves her sisters and holidays in the UK.

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